Friday, January 23, 2015

LA Colors Gel Like Extra Shine

HAPPY FRIDAY!! My coworkers tell me since I was off Monday then I don't have the right to say TGIF, but you know what I say back to them right LOL!!

Do any of you shop at Family Dollar (providing your location has one)? It's just like Dollar General and Dollar Tree, some of their prices beats Walmart. So my girls from the Facebook nail polish group I'm in posted a pic of this polish display and I just had to see if my nearest store has them (they did, why else would we be here lol). These have been announced to be gel like polishes without the use of UV light to dry. I bought 6 colors that really pops!! 

The formula applies smoothly, no stinky chemical smell and they opaque in two coats, just perfect right!! These were swatched without a topcoat, these polishes remind me Sinful Colors Sinful Shine polishes. 

Check out the colors I bought

This is a minty green creme Polish called Rocking It.

This coral creme formula is called Socialite 

This fuchsia creme formula is called Stunner

This one is a pink crelly formula called Untamed

This fabulous purple creme formula one is called risqué 

Lastly, this hot pink creme formula one is called Posh.

Now that you've seen them all, which ones do you favor?


  1. These are definitely on my list to buy! I want them all! Gorgeous swatches!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I was not a fan of the Sinful Shine (although, I only tried one color).Next time I'm around FD, I'll stop in and check for these. How much were they?


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