Friday, January 9, 2015

DIY Fix Broken Eyeshadow

Good morning and happy Friday :))

So for those of you who might have broken their eyeshadow in pieces, you probably just threw it away like I do. I should say like I used to... that is until I googled how to fix broken eyeshadow. It is a very simple process and cool I'll add AND with the use of simple household items. During my traveling, I realized that I had broken one of my favorite eyeshadows by Milani. I also received as a gift an eyeshadow by Jordana which arrived broken :/

So the simple process is this.... you take your broken up eyeshadow, pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol in it (the higher the percentage the better it works faster). Stir in the alcohol to a creamy substance of the eyeshadow. Then you tap the eyeshadow container onto a hard surface a couple of times just to level it out, leave it out overnight so it has more than enough time to harden back to its original form.

I chose to put mine in the refrigerator overnight. The next day when it has hardened, you need to press it out slightly with a coin or a piece of paper so that your hands don't get all messy; you should be able to use it after that.

Some say that this process changes the appearance of the eyeshadow, but I've used it and nothing changed.

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