Monday, February 10, 2014

~SHE BAGS~ Yaitza Fuentes

For my third and final post for the day is another interview of a dear friend of mine, Yaitza who just so happen to have an addiction love for handbags... read more about how SHE BAGS....

Name- Yaitza Fuentes

Location- Ocala, Florida, by way of Bronx, NYC

There are plenty of women who don't like handbags, of course you aren't one of them; how important of an accessory is a handbag to you? and why? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a nice sexy bag. My handbag helps start off my outfit. It gives me my mood for the day. It helps determine if I'm going to be sexy, sophisticated, or casual.


What is your most preferred handbag style and why? I love MK!!!! His brand seems to have a style fit for everyone and at a reasonable price. My fave styles consists of a nice satchel or shoulder bag. The bigger the bag the better (with kids especially).

Top 5 items you must carry in your handbag? #1- Lip balm {With a back up}, #2- Lotion, #3- Wallet, #4- Kindle, and #5- Gum :o) 
What handbag is currently on your wishlist? I have 3 bags on my wishlist……#1- Celine Nano, #2- Chanel Boy Bag and #3- Prada ………Which is where they'll stay until I can afford one…..LOL!!!!!

Besides a nice handbag, what other accessory is an important piece to your attire? Accessories are a must!!!!! But my all time fave piece is a nice WATCH!!! I have so many I started hiding them from my husband (what this watch? Oh it's old ;).

How do you justify an expensive handbag purchase? I always have to justify a handbag purchase to my husband no matter how much it may be. This is how I sell it to him…LOL…. "Baby they had a sale going. Guess how much I paid?" This works for the most part. I normally get my expensive bags on sale. I can never see myself paying full price for anything. I worked for a dept store up North called Century 21 which carries all types of name brands {D&G, Prada, Moschino, Seven for all Mankind} just to name a few. Things at this Dept store sell at discounted prices. I recommend it if you're in the NY area to hit this place up you will fall in love.

What do you like the most about the handbag you're currently wearing? I for one LOVE the color. I like a bag that pops but can be worn with many items. I also like that I can fit lots of stuff in it without looking funny or being too heavy.

Finish this sentence: If (designer) asked me to design a handbag, the material I'd use is? If Fossil asked me to design a handbag, the material i'd use is a nice subtle leather.

*Just throw it in the bag* (finale song chimes in). Yaitiza, bags and she's not afraid to toot tote it. Stay tuned to find out who I bag next.....

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