Monday, February 24, 2014

~SHE BAGS~ Amy Robinson

Hello everyone, I'm going to assume that you all had a safe, fun and/or relaxing weekend! If not, you have this weekend coming up to give it another shot :).

Today I bring to you another interview for my segment SHE BAGS , so far I've done 3 (I hope you've had the chance to check those out). 

Today's interview is of a young lady whom has been a friend to me for almost two decades... I cannot tell a lie, I have known for years about her addiction love for handbags and yes I condone it lol. Now, while I can't specifically narrow down the type of handbag brands she likes because it various, along with the colors and styles; she's always up to toting something that makes them together not just an outfit, but a power couple lol. 
What I can tell you is that..... SHE BAGS!!!

May I introduce you to Amy Robinson...... 

Name- Amy Robinson

Location- Atlanta, GA

There are plenty of women who don't like handbags, of course you aren't one of them; how important of an accessory is a handbag to you? and why? I love handbags.  They are the perfect accessory to make any outfit pop.  Biggest bonus is being able to carry around all my important items at the same time (phones, checkbook, wallet, many many lip glosses and lipsticks).

What handbag are you currently wearing? Today I have my red Halston Heritage's HUGE!

What is your most preferred handbag style (shoulder, satchel, hobo, crossbody etc.) and why? I love satchels and shoulder bags come in for a close 2nd place.  I have definitely become a handbag lady in my older age HA.  They are just more comfortable for me (since I like large ones) and are prominent when you walk into a room.

Top 5 items you must carry in your handbag? Phones, checkbook, wallet, lip gloss/lipstick and eye lash brushes.

What handbag is currently on your wishlist? LOTS of bags HA.  I would really like a nice grey leather satchel...brands don't matter as much to me anymore.  As long as it's a great quality bag I am ok with trying out new designers.

Besides a nice handbag, what other accessory is a important piece to your attire?  Shoes, it should also make an outfit pop.

How do you justify an expensive handbag purchase? I don't buy them that often so I look at my purchases as an investment.  They will last for years so they are well worth it!

What do you like most about the handbag you are wearing right now?  It's huge and red.  I get lots of compliments on it.

Lastly, finish this sentence: If (name a designer) asked me to design a handbag, I'd definitely use the material ________!  If Isabella Fiore asked me to design a handbag, I'd definitely use leather material with metal!  She only does leather bags and I am sure they would pop with metal accents on them.  Just a thought :)

In this pic above Amy, is rocking her Tory Burch satchel (it looks huge and necessary) LOL, love it!

*Just throw it in the bag* (curtain closing music chimes in). Another one checked off the list for banging and bagging LOL. Thank you Amy for sharing with us the type of bag lady you are. 

Check back with me here @ Nailmattic to find out who I bag next for an interview. 

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