Monday, February 10, 2014

Duck Dynasty- Happy Happy Happy

Good morning... 

First off, don't let my title fool you, I wasn't all that happy to wake up at 5:00am, happy to be alive YES!!

So on to my happy nails which bears another polish from the reality show on A&E called "Duck Dynasty". I've showed you a brown splatter polish before made by them, it was a splatter polish; well I have another one in the same form and it's called Happy, Happy, Happy. 

Amazingly, this polish runs the show all on its own. I initially put a base coat assuming that it would look too thin without it but tis isn't the case. This is a pink lacquer based polish with black tinsel with black and white octagon-shaped glitter. 

The base polish is by Finger Paints and it is a pink shimmer polish, I put two coats and no topcoat for these pics; it is called "Where the He-Art Is".

*I picked these up from Walmart this weekend in their beauty clearance section, there was tons of other glitter polishes, if you follow me on IG you will see the pic I posted. 

With the base polish 

Applied by itself, two coats

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