Tuesday, February 4, 2014

OPI- Brazil Swatches

Good morning all....

Today I have to share with you some swatches of the newly released collection by OPI named the "Brazil" collection. I don't think this collection warranted ALL of my money, so I chose the ones that fits me the best (of course the creme brights). I have just 3 of the bright colors and in just a few ticks I will show you what they're made of.

This first one is called "Where did Suzi's Man-Go". This is a creamy orangey-mango color, I couldn't stop thinking about a mango smoothie as I applied this polish. The quality is the usual rich formula that OPI is known for. I've applied two coats, no top coat.

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian- This next one is a hot pink formula which I've applied two coats of without a top coat. 

I Just Can't Cope-Acabana- <--- coolest name of the bunch. This is a bright canary yellow polish. I had to have this color, I think yellow looks nice on me.


  1. What fun and bright shades! Love Where did Suzi's Man-Go!

  2. I love where did Suzy's man-go? I'm really impressed that the yellow only needs two coats... the yellow looks great with your skin tone too! I'm searching for a lighter yellow that doesn't need like 3+ coats :(


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