Thursday, February 20, 2014

Metro Pollen-Tin Sugar Rim

Hi all, we are almost to the work week finish line.

On my nails today is another China Glaze "City Flourish" collection polish, this yellow/mustard colored polish is called "Metro Pollen-Tin". The formula was streaky with the first AND second coat :/. The third coat did an okay job covering all roads leading to opaque. 

The overlay of glitter is from Milani called "Sugar Rim". This polish reminded me of the floam glitter polish. I compare it to Salon Perfect's top coat glitters. 


  1. Like that Milani glitter! That's a nice shade of yellow too :)

  2. What cute looks the top coat and the mani is really pretty :)

  3. That looks perfect with the glitter over it!


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