Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zoya PixieDust- Beatrix

*products were provided as press sample by company.

Happy Hump Day Lacquerettes, I'd like to show you the model Beatrix from the recently released Zoya PixieDust Collection. I have to say that the colors in this collection I enjoy much better than the first set. Here is the orange/gold shimmer textured polish. This is 3 coats because I wanted it to look deeply textured.

This look reminds me of crumpled foil paper. I wasn't sold by the first set but I'm pretty much playing for the entire team now.

On my accent nail I am wearing a franken I made around the Easter holiday. The formula is a peach base with pink squares, blue, green, red & pink circles with gold fine glitter. I call it Peach Surprise.

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