Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hi all, here's a mani I am currently wearing, it is a Color Club Holo 2013 polish called Beyond (& that it is). I have to admit that I have not picked a favorite yet out of the bunch and don't ask me to :). This is a charcoal formula, I don't think it's should be called black. I have a Kleancolor polish like this off black color and it is called charcoal. Also in this mani you see my accent nail right, well it was sent to me by Kelly Baas who is the independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. If you've tried Salon Hansen Salon Effects and Kiss Nail wraps then you get the idea of what these are. However, these are different from the brands I've mentioned, with the use of the warmth from a blow hair dryer you will seal these nail stickers to your nails. 

They sent me just a few to use as a accent nail and in the picture provided you will see that the designs are cute and will fit anyone's fancy. Many of times I thought about doing the moustache nail art, but Jamberry came along and helped me get that on my nails finally.

Be sure to check out Jamberry nails over at OohLaLaPolish and on their Facebook page.


  1. Very cute. Do you like the idea of using a blow dryer?

  2. @Rhonda you know what, I don't think I do like the idea of the warmth on my nails. If i wear them, I'll do w/o the dryer and see how long it lasts.
    @Courtney Thank you :))


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