Monday, April 22, 2013

Flamingo X Dooney & Bourke

Hi ladies, today I bring to you a mani I wore on Friday. This mani I included in my first time bringing out a Dooney & Bourke bag I had been after for a while. I've drooled over this bag every time the many of segments QVC has featured it on their D & B specials. Not only did I get this bag even though QVC and the Dooney site has sold out of this color, I also got this on sale with 30% off!! So patience is a virtue because I would have died paying those 5 payment installments that they offered. This bag I got from the Dooney Outlet in Orlando. It is called the Small Florentine Satchel, trust me it says small but it seems like a medium to me; it also has a long strap for the crossbody look.

My mani to match with this bag is called Flamingo and it is from the Fiesta collection. I don't find this pink to be unique from the other pinks that I own from Color Club, this just confirms that they're just recycling colors, adding a few more drops of pigment or leaving out a few drops. It's a neon/bubble gum pink, you're viewing 3 coats just because pink is my signature color and I like my pink colors thick. I got this Fiesta collection pack of 7 from Beall's Outlet here in Florida for $8.99.


  1. I'm grabbing my heart I love your bag!! The polish matches so well :D

  2. Pretty bag and pretty nails. I thought this color was Modern Pink at first by Color Club.


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