Monday, October 1, 2012

October nail challenge Day 1- Red nails

Hi ladies, my best homegirl and I have decided to take part in a challenge this month. I've seen this going on last month but didn't want to jump in during the middle. By the way my girl has started her own blog as well so go and check hers out here at lacqsofluv when you're free, thanks.

Today is RED NAILS so I decided to use 2 DS (dead stock) polishes, one is Butter London's "Macbeth" and the other is by Color Club from their glitter collection. One thing I don't like about buying Color Club packs in TJMaxx, Ross and etc. is that some of the packs don't name the models of the polishes.  I don't normally wear a lot of red  nails but being that it's fall I don't mind wearing it and whenever I can add some glitter, I do generously.

Thanks for looking :)

Enjoy Red Light Special a throwback jam by TLC.


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