Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5 nail challenge- Blue

Happy Friday ladies, today I am not too thrilled about my polish choice and I'll tell you why briefly. I chose two untried polishes, one from Lime Crime and Color Club. The LC polish is called "Once in a blue mousse" and I was so stocked when I saw it on eBay for $8 total a month ago.

This is a thick creamy polish, too creamy for my liking. It looked like a comforter blanket on my nails THICK which I don't really care for that look! I used OPI base coat and for some reason small bubbles developed. I used Color Club "Blue Ming" on my middle finger and I was happy about this polish as I am a huge CC fan! I'm just glad I get to take it off today!! It wasn't all bad, maybe it just wasn't the day for it to prove itself.

It's Friday so who needs the blues lol.

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