Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 challenge- Polka Dots

Yesterday was Day 10 plus one more equals 11 which is TODAY yay!! Today I have a polka dot nail art mani for you ladies. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness & Domestic Violence month I've incorporated both into this mani. This polish I used was sent to me by Daisy over at for review. If you're interested in this polish, its model name is Candy Color Mood Nail polish; you can find it HERE. In case you plan on ordering from BPS, you can use my rep code GQL91. This polish is a Cream Sheer polish which is not thick like I expected it to be, judging from my experience with creamy polishes like the one with Lime Crime. In just two coats you will reach opacity and it entails a smooth silky finish, the choice of a top coat is all yours to decide.

Online it looks like a pastel lavender but it's actually a pastel pink which still works for me.

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