Monday, November 19, 2012

Mint Candies

Hi ladies, well here we are again, back at Monday! I went ahead & took the liberty of scheduling some posts because I will be occupied with a 2250 word research paper on serial killer John Wayne Gasey, it is due in 2 weeks but I've decided to get the ball and bounce on it.

My mani today is a polish by Candie's I picked up while browsing Kohl's department store. I read on someone's blog that they had a spotting of this polish and I decided to take a tour for myself; I remember Candie's store from back in the day. To be honest with you I didn't see anything spectacular about the colors, I believe I already have the colors that they are offering. I went on a whim and picked up two polishes I know I have the dupe to but I am not positive of their whereabouts. In these pics I am wearing the polish called Mighty Mint. It's a green minty color that reminds me of a lime sorbet color, the satisfied opacity for me is 2 coats. This polish has a pretty good formula which isn't too thick or watery. The brush is a good size and the size/shape of the bottle is cute, I really like the diamond shaped top handle. I picked up 2 polishes that retails at $8 but when I got to the register it rang up $5.60 each so that's a plus for the minus; I believe they are available online also. The glitter polish I used is a polish I've had that I purchased from Ross for 1.99 it's called Cosmetic Arts polish.

Enjoy your week ladies and in case I don't say it later I'll say it early HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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