Friday, November 23, 2012

Miss & Make up

Happy Friday people! Today I did a switch-a-roo, I decided to try the oval nail shape so we shall see how long I keep this look. I've been wanting to try this shape for a while and since I had lots of time today I went ahead and got it done. Plus the fact that my real nails had been severely breaking this week, it pushed me even more to get it done; I like it so far.

I had my nail girl paint my nails (I don't normally let anybody paint them), she used OPI's "elephantastic pink" and then I used Sation's "Miss & Make Up" polish on my middle finger when I got home. I adore this glitter polish because of its hexagon pink shaped glitter and silver foil looking shapes with chin hairs; it also has black glitter shapes mixed into it. I also got this on

Have a good weekend ladies :)

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