Monday, November 12, 2012

Pink Monday

Hi ladies... Wo is me, I've been under the weather for a few days now. I mustered up some strength to drag myself outta bed and do something constructive with myself. I posted on my Instagram (Goldensyard) a while back that the girly clothing store Charlotte Russe has heir own polish now, and how the bottle shape resembles American Apparel's own.

So I got around to using the ones I got which are a jet black and this fluorescent pink. They don't have funky names to them just regular color names. I will rate this polish a 8. The formula is thick and its first coat is very matte and streaky. You're looking at 3 coats plus a Seche top coat.

On my accent nail I used a OPI glitter called "The Living Daylights" from the James Bond Skyfall collection. The glitters have a fall look to it with its use of gold, red, silver and orange colors. I imagine with a red or green background it would be so fabulous !

Well I bid you all a great Monday.

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