Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

OMG! Sweet. I have been slacking on reading my post comments, lo and behold I have been neglecting to see that the blog owner Pretty Girl awarded me the ONE LOVELY BLOG award. As a newbie, I really appreciate the recognition. Make sure you go check her out.
The Rules
<3 Post 7 Facts about you
<3 Award 15 other blogs

1. I change my nails at least 3 times a week
2. I am addicted to several social networks apps on my iPhone such as Pose, We<3it, Pinterest and Tumblr.
3. I have an extensive sneaker collection (my first addiction), I have close to 200 pairs.
4. I am a very colorful person, I don't really care for dark shades unless i'm just out of it and in that mood.
5. I am the last child of 5, I am also a twin.
6. I absolutely love New York City, i've never been anywhere better than there.
7. I am retired Hello Kitty fanatic!! (yes I'm a kid at heart).

One Lovely Blog Awards


  1. congrats on the blog award!! that's so cool that you have a twin! is she into sneakers too? :D
    whoaaa how do you store all your kicks? i'm somewhere between 50 & 60 and i'm already having trouble finding a good way to store them so that they're easily accessible when i want to wear them. i just have them stacked right now, and it sucks when i want to rock something from the bottom
    btw i like the new blog name lol

  2. Thanks E, I have a fraternal boy twin, he's 15 minutes older but swears it's THE MOST!! I will show you a pic of us. Girl my kicks are in a stack too so I know what you're talking about, it's on one side of my room in a corner thank God my room is big. I have a walk in closet with clothes, heels and kicks too it's a bit much. Yes, I needed a new name I found 2 with the same name just spelled differently so I was like :/ thank you.


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