Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Got Glitter

Classic example of seeing a polish so pretty it mesmerizes you into thinking you need two bottles of it. I promise you that I didn't realize I had two bottles of these, cause they actually look different. Here are a set of polishes by two different brands that share a similar formula... The one in the smaller bottle is made by Petites and its product name is "Pink Diamonds", the other is by Ulta store brand called "Tink-Her-Bell". Same pink shimmery glittery formula. Do you all believe me that I didn't know (LOL)... Who hasn't done this in the store "ooooh I like this color, I need it" as the memory that you already have it slips out of your ear :).... At the end of the day I have enough glitter to make Tinkerbell's wand jealous!!


  1. Wow, very close!! They're both very pretty!

  2. love this glitter!!!! i think there's a similar version by butter london as well.
    man i've totally come home with a color that i already had. i guess that means we're consistent with the things we like (:


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