Friday, July 13, 2012

#gettinlacqueredup 7.12.12

I had a long day yesterday, totally forgot to check my mailbox; I knew I should be expecting 2 bottles of polish. I've seen these polishes in a few beauty salon/supply stores and said i'd try it one day... With my last let down on neon polish I am glad I had already ordered a different neon color, i'm hoping that Miss Sation got me on the next lay. I got these for a $1 total thanks to my ebay bucks (if you're not on the team you're missing out for real--sign up ebay). They were $5 with free shipping for both and they have a wide selection of gorgeous colors. The seller I bought from is cbnailstore428 and they ship fast, i ordered it Monday and got it yesterday; so you know they're getting 5 stars from me on that tip!! The neon green is called "Loudest Color" and the green glitter polish is called "Class Clown". Can't wait to try these out, swatches coming soon....


  1. damn these look gorgeous!! lookin forward to your swatch (:

  2. Did you do swatches of these? I can't find them


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