Monday, July 9, 2012

#GettinLacqueredUp 7.9.12

I meant to do one of my pick ups during the week, but better late than not!! The week b 4 last I tweeted about American Apparel ( having a sale on their 3 and 7 pack polishes, I treated myself to one of them which you shall peep below. The price was $15 for 3 bottles, only thing is the colors are already in a set for purchase; you couldn’t mix n match your color :( however, they do have nice colors in the pre-picked sets. So the set I chose in order is Mount Royal/ Berries/Poppy. I have 2 other AA bottles and I love their formula. With $5 shipping it came up to $20 so that’s not bad for 3 bottles. They gave me a 15% off code after, so if you want it, hit me up!! The sale is still running btw!

My next pic is of bottles I picked up this weekend while at the Prime Outlets on Vineland in Orlando. For starters I didn’t know Banana Republic made nail polishes!! Their stash was pretty uniform (pink, yellow, grey, orange, green, navy). Mentally I did a quick scan of my polish stash at home and decided I didn’t have enough different shades of yellow (THINGS NAIL POLISH ADDICTS SAY) so I decided on the yellow and a tangerine orange. Can’t wait to try out their formula. I paid $8 total for the BR bottles. They also gave me a 15% off code for my next purchase, if anyone would like it please hit me up for it. The other two bottles are from Charlotte Russe outlet, they’re called LA Girl Metal “Chronium Green” and LA Girl Color Addict ”Emotion”. Lastly, the electric green polish is by Bebe.

Stayed tuned for swatches this week :)


  1. these look like fabulous colors!! I've never tried Banana Republic polish either. If you're sure you're not going to use that coupon, I would be happy to take it off your hands :)

  2. i had no idea banana republic had a polish line either!! those colors look really pretty though (: i usually get my AA polishes in store because they always have a 3 for $15 promo, and they let you pick any 3 (:


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