Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative- Stripes look 1

Hey everyone, are you all winding down your Sunday in preparation for Monday-- I know I am! I had a great weekend even though it's not much to brag about, it's a good feeling to be around fun loving people at all times!

So here we are at TNCC a new month and a new theme STRIPES!! I've always loved striped nail designs myself so this will be a fun month for posting.

For my striped design I used two Color Club polishes I picked up from a new nail supply place I found in Orlando, it's called ABC Nail Supply and it's fairly new.

The first polish is a peachy color called East Austin and the florescent orange polish is called Psychedelic Scene.


You came, you saw, hopefully you've read so what do you think?

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