Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zoya 2014 Velvet Matte Collection

*Press Samples*

Good morning people, it's still the weekend (however close to Monday it may be lol). I decided to post up these swatches of that I got in the mail early before I get too busy and forget. This collection is a re-issue from Zoya and I am thrilled that I got a chance to enjoy them since I didn't the first time around. All swatches are polished in coats of 3. The matte finish is amazing in certain colors. I am one who lives the matted look on reds and brighter colors, but I found myself liking some of the darker matte finished colors too.

This is a smokey black and it's called Loredana.

This is a black shimmery matte finish called Dovima

This is Veruschka (my label was slightly ripped so this is what I made from it).

This is Harlow

This is Savita

This is Posh

My all time favorite of this collection is Harlow, Savita & Posh, what's yours?

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