Sunday, October 26, 2014

KB Shimmer Winter 2014 collection Part 2 *pic heavy*

Hey all *waves*, as promised here is part dos of the KB Shimmer 2014 Winter Holiday collection. These 4 are of some gorgeous glitter bomb polishes, check em out......

This is White Here, White Now! This is thick as textured polish should be (but in a good way), this requires 3 coats and it dries to a beautiful textured look of white circle glitters as if its frozen in snow lol. I love a good textured polish.

Next up is Leaf of Faith which is a thickened velvet colored glitter polish. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about Halloween while applying this polish. To me this polish had more of a bloody look to it. 

Next is Dressed to Gild which happens to me my favorite from this collection!! This polish SCREAMS bling and New Year's Eve mani! Even my boyfriend caught a glimpse of it and said "that's hot babe"!! This is a dipped in gold glitter polish all glitter bomb lovers NEED this polish.Here is 3 coats of it. Its formula is a little thick but when it is applied it lays flat it doesn't bulk up and look sloppy.

Lastly, this glitter formula polish is called Pine-ing for Yule, this happens to be a charity polish for Toys For Tots. This is a holiday inspired glitter top coat that is bossy in all its glory of holographic triangle "Christmas Trees" along with red star tree toppers. From 11/01 to 12/15, $4 will be donated to that charity via KBShimmer sales, how awesome is that!! Here's what they look like.....


  1. I love the White Here, White Now and the Pine-ing For Yule!! Gorgeous shades! :) xo


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