Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Stripes

Good morning folks... I had Monday off so my week is going pretty swiftly.

I have today another post which celebrates stripes among us beauty buffs. 

The Beauty Buffs will be posting today, our different renditions of stripes. For my nails I'm using nail tape with two colors as a base color alone.

The pink neon polish is Neon Heat by Orly & the neon orange polish is called Melt Your Popsicle.

Check out the other beauty buffs showing off their stripes:


  1. Nice stripes with negative space.

  2. So cool! You know I love neons and these two are amazing! Great job my dear.

  3. This is SO fun! Love yours- so unique!

  4. I had monday off too!
    Love these bright colors :-)

  5. Such fun, bright colors! This is such a happy mani, I love it!

  6. Negative space and neons!! So awesome and they look fantastic on your skin tone! Beautiful!!

  7. Negative space and neons! Love these and those colors are to die for wih your skin tone!!

  8. Melt Your Popsicle is one of my new favorite neons! I really love Orly's formula for neons too, they arent goopy or hard to apply. Perfect! I love the negative space design here! Amazing!


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