Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Neon Everything

Happy Hump Day my beauties.... and speaking of beauties, I have another fun themed post from The Beauty Buffs to share with you all. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love me some neon stuff; bright colors make me happy. I've never met a neon item that I didn't like. I decided not to do a nail design because we have some big mucks touring my job today so I didn't want them blinding anybody. 

For my post I wanted to showcase a few things that are neon that I love. These swatches on the nail wheel are from different polishes, but they're some of the neon colors I gravitate towards when I do rock neon colors. 
1. China Glaze- Celtic Sun 2. Sinful Colors- Dream On 3. Bettina- Hopeful 4. WnWC- Beat of a Generation. 

Next are some decorative neon colored nail studs that I bought from Forever 21. 

Lastly, this is a eye shadow palette I bought from Kmart when I bought the Wet N Wild "Street Art" collection polishes, this is also by WnW and it's called "Arts in the Streets".

Neon is everything to me and the other girls at The Beauty Buffs, check out their posts showing you Neon Everything!!


  1. Those are some fun neon things!

  2. I need that yellow! I'm missing that shade from my collection.

  3. I never knew that Dream On by Sinfuls was so awesome! I always pass it up, but now am going to get some! I'm like you though, I've never met a neon item that I didn't like. Makes me so happy also!

  4. Wow! Those nail studs! :O Gorgeous!

  5. Oh I want neon studs! So fun! Love your picks here! :)


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