Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cruising Pink Style

Good morning everyone!

We are one day closer to Friday aren't you all just so excited. I haven't been doing much writing on the blog I guess because I have acrylic nails now, I don't feel like changing my polish as much. I did change them last night though, today I'm wearing and untried polish that I got from CosmoProf. 

We all know that this store is not open to the general public, and you also know that I am not let licensed nail technician lol; but I was along with my hairdresser friend and she loved me the have my first experience.

It was a great experience looking around but I wasn't overly excited once I got in there, but I can say that the deals and the prices are crazy nice!!

I am wearing this pink shade mail polish from Morgan Taylor, it is from her "Cruising In Style" collection. This is 2 coats of "Let's Go To The Hop". On my accent nail I'm wearing a shredded/crackle polish by Maybelline. I always liked crackle finish even if  alone on this one!

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