Friday, December 27, 2013

Ruby Wing Zen Garden

Hi ladies, I'm so sorry that I have just posted only once this week. I have out-of-town guests and I've just been busy recuperating from Christmas. So I hope Santa (the Polish Santa that is), was good to you all. 

Today I am wearing a polish from Ruby Wing called "Zen Garden". It's a color changing polish and unfortunately it's been rainy here and I won't be able to show you the color it changes to. It's suppose to go from this light purple to a brown color. 

On my two accent nails is a polish I got from Rue 21. No cool names I guess they're too cool for em lol. The formula is a purple lacquer mixed with blue circle and tinsel glitters. I've applied 3 coats. I've picked up a few more and if you haven't been to the store, go to their site and find a location near you they have really great deals 

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