Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sand Texture Swatches~Random

Good morning everyone, today I'm going to be showing you some random swatches that I just randomly picked out of my collection yesterday.

This set is a set I bought by Expressions girls for my little niece, but the scent of it was so strong that we had to take it off immediately. I picked this set up for $4.99 in TJ Maxx, it was in the section for little girls. When I saw that it was a textured polish for little girls I grabbed it up, because of course I want my little niece to be fashionable also.

However I didn't feel the texture in this polish, it just seems like a metallic polish more than it is textured; but yes the scent is very overwhelming. It's like as soon as you open the bottle it just hits you like a tornado. 

Well here I'm showing you two coats of each polish and there aren't any cool names but I do like the colors of them.

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