Sunday, November 17, 2013

Swatchful Sunday

Good morning lacquerellas, 

On Sundays, I like to just sit and swatch because it's my lazy, relax day; (& relax as in polish my nails lol). So I just decide to pick some random polishes out of my stash and go to work on em.

First up is two polishes that has all the rage right now... Revlon Parfumerie polishes. I was reluctant @ first to buy them because of a bad experience I had with the brand Tea & its scented polishes; but I decided to challenge my instincts not to.

This one called Pink Pineapple is a very light and timid scent, in my opinion it doesn't speak very loud and that's fine by me. I could deal with the scent all day w/o sensing a headache coming on.

The same goes for China Flower, the scent was very minimal, not overwhelming. The formulas are a "easy to work with" formula, no streaking in between coats and finishes glossy.

This next polish is a deep purple polish by Cuccio & it's called "Brooklyn Never Sleeps"-- I can hear the Beastie Boys song in my head when I picked this bottle up "NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN"... Here it is in 3 coats with no top coat & then with a matte top coat.

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