Monday, November 11, 2013

OPI's a charm

Hi all, back to work for those of us who had yesterday off... Hey we got a job so....

So yea today's mani is brought to you by OPI's Merry Fashionista polish/bangle package. We have not crossed Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is steady trying to steal its spotlight. 

I came across this package thru an IG account I follow called @allpolished, she posted a pic of her bangle with a OPI charm on it and I instantly thought HOW KAYUTE!! She said she bought it from TJMaxx recently and that's all I needed to hear. 

Ya girl got on the road and tore it up... I found it in my TJMaxx for $7.99 and it comes in a box with one polish & bangle. 
Now for the base color I used Cuccio's "Kyoto Cherry Blossom" which is just a Barbie pink color polish. Over that, I layed a red, multi-color, glittery blanket called "Excuse Moi"! 

Check 1, 2, 1, 2 below....

Check your nearest TJMaxx or just drive around to every single one you know lol

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