Saturday, September 28, 2013

Zoya "Zenith" '13 Collection

Hi ladies, how's everyone's Saturday going? I had to work until 10:00 (went in at 7:00) came home and slept. I know I'll be up till wee hours of the morning so I guess I'll get my swatch on.

I actually forgot Zoya sent me a code and it had been in my inbox until I started seeing other bloggers swatch theirs, like a little kid I'm like "hmm where's mine"? 

So here they are, I had to cut my nails done because one tore off as I was putting on a sweater :(.

This is Seraphina

This is Mosheen which is a glittery silver and turquoise bar glitter- don't really care for it, at least not over the silver.

This is Dream- this is actually my favorite of the bunch, it's glossy w/I a top coat and it has this galaxy effect to it.

This is Payton

This is Cassedy

This is Belinda
Stay tuned for my fashion challenge nails and some more swatches.....

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