Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rue 21 Pink Ice polish

I haven't been in Rue 21 in a spell, so yesterday's trip was called upon me by seeing a swatch of a indie looking polish of theirs. I can't recall the blog but it looked like a dupe polish I got from Icing. 

I didn't want that polish I saw on the blog but I thought they may have different colors. Much to my surprise Rue Beauty changed up their polish style and formula (so I was told). I spotted a few indie formula looking polishes as well. There were lots of eye catching summer colors it was hard not to duplicate polishes from my stash-- u know how u get in the store and totally forget what colors you already have lol. The price is 2 for $5 & sorry no cool names.

So for my purchase I picked up this pink/royal blue glitter formula polish, on sight I thought it was so pretty; and it is on nails as you will witness in a few. This is a fuschia base color with royal blue circles and fine glitters. I did 3 coats, I did two at first and got bored and did another layer. 

For my accent nail I dotted away in the same color way as the polish, but I applied a matte finish using NYC's Matte me Crazy....

Enjoy and have a great Tuesday.


  1. Wow that's such a unique color :)

  2. WOW such a cool polish, I need to stop by that store next time I am in the mall!

  3. That nail polish looks so cool! xx

  4. ive never seen anything like this pink glitter before :O

  5. Pretty! Makes me want to go check out Rue21


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