Friday, July 12, 2013

Petit by Cherimoya

This has to be the first in a long time that I've ever swatched a polish haul within hours of purchase. Browsing my safe haven Ross I came across this polish set which the brand is unknown to me. While I've purchased some polishes by Cherimoya, I have none by the name of Petit. 

On the box it states that this a limited edition set. I like the box presentation, it is cute with the polish set-colored macaroons on it. 
Here are the polish names as I have collaged them in a frame. 

L to R: Blueberry, Earl Grey, Milk, Coconut, Rose and Cassis. 

The first 5 are creme formula which are very user friendly, they don't streak with the first coat which means a lot to me. I've applied 3 coats of each & didn't apply a top coat. The last one is a jelly formula and its quality is also consistent and not streaky. I thought the blue would stain my nails but it didn't at all.

As I have, you can find these in your local Ross for $4.99. 


  1. I just got this as a "gift" from StyleMint. Can you believe they're retailing it for $30??


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