Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Choco Chip

Ok so hopefully you all were able to view my post from yesterday featuring the ILLAMASQUA "speckled" polishes. Well today I have something just like it from another brand. Meet Choco Chip from Icing, I had much time on my hands so I walked the mall. Just so you know this store had almost identical colors to the ILLAMASQUA polishes except for the tan, however I saw the tan online. These are going for $4.50 with the promo of BOGO half off, I just picked up the black & white speckled look because I am a huge fan of that formula. Below are pics of my current mani, I felt like the black & white polish needed a pop of color so I chose hot pink by Como Arts polish; these you can find in Ross for 1.99 for sure.

Now while the Icing calls this Choco Chip I object to that name, I think it should have been named Cookies N Creme; that name fits the formula more adequately.


  1. Totally reminds me of a cookie! What a awesome speckle color :)

  2. It really looks like cookies and creme. Looks so yummy hahahaha! Love it!


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