Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nailmattic "Fireberry"

It's me again, so lately I have been getting on myself about my excessive nail polish hauls.... so I was bored and browsing where I saw a lady selling polish making stater kits. She lives in Miami and has quite a bid of neat stuff in her store. So I ordered the starter kit which consists of glitter suspension base, 14 solvent glitters, 6 empty bottles, 4 mini bottles and 8 steel mixing balls. Last night I decided to try my hand on creating a polish so below is the results. It is called "Fireberry" like this sneaker colorway that released some time last year, which is aqau, pink, black (or some may say turquoise). I don't think I will get into the polish selling business as it is very time consuming, but if I happen to master it then it could be a side gig....

I has a blue base color by itself but I layed it over Sinful colors "Rise and Shine"...


  1. Making your own polish is so much fun! Fireberry is really pretty and I love it layered over a turquoise :)

  2. Matando got Nyando so where does that leave Red Box Man?
    They got that Matte look in fire power.
    And it comes in purple with Teslagun and Labadgil .


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