Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Born Pretty Store Polishes

Hi ladies, I have some polishes from bornprettystore to review. These polishes are cute and fun in size, I chose these four because they caught my eye on first impulse. They don't have polish names, just numbers. The formula is pretty easy to work with, however the green took quite a few coats (4) to become opaque. The green color is #33, the burgundy color is #41, the pink color is #17 and the blue is #31. They cost $2.75 on the site.

They have some pretty nice choice of colors to so go on over to BPS and take a look at the selection.


  1. Nice! I got them on Ebay, they were something like $1,99. I bought a glow-in-the-dark Pink polish. Love yours too btw:)

  2. I'm digging the blue and green colors out of this collection. Bummer it took so many coats for it to be opaque though.


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