Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Animal Cookie

Happy Hump Day ladies, how has your week been (I'm hoping you will answer silently GRRRREAT). Ok so jumping right into the purpose of my post.... POLISH. I have this indie polish called I LOVE NAIL POLISH. This is a "3 Free" indie polish that I have been following on Facebook. The girls over at ILNP offers us tons of glitter polishes that are made to sprinkle pure life into your mani (and what a great job they do). I have "Animal Cookie" to show you, it is a pink themed glitter polish filled with pink squares, white hexagons, fine pink glitter with white tinsels, combined into a masterpiece made especially for your nail bed. I really enjoyed this mani because I had no problem applying the polish ingredients to my nail, the brush did an excellent job picking up the shapes.

I used a polish by Sinful Colors called "Easy Going" as my base color, it is a baby pink polish. This polish is one that I purchased a while (years) ago, back then it did not leave a positive lasting impression with me. I haven't bought this brand in a while but I hear they changed the formula, I may give them another chance.

Well let me get this show on the road......



  1. I love it! I think now I need to get that Easy Going color!


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