Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pink Friday on Sunday

I don't know what is but lately I've been getting these Salon effects by Sally Hansen for the low, then when I'm ready to get jiggy wit it, they don't stick; like they've expired!! This one isnt the case tho, I got this Polka dot style from TJMaxx for $4 (regular $8 or $9). I decided to use some help from Nicki Minaj and her collabo with OPI called Pink Friday. I love the lay of OPI lacquer, they don't disappoint.

......and the lust continues......


  1. this is really cute! i really need to check tj maxx for these.
    oh, i think it's really cool that you're studying criminology btw! i took two quarters of gang studies for general ed cause the class was so interesting :D i wish you the best of luck in your studies (:

  2. Cute combo! I got mine on sale too at Target.


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