Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#GettinLacqueredUp 6/25/12

Stopped in TJMAXX sometime last week and went on another coppin killing spree lol... You would be surprised with what you find in that store, I'm definetely a MAXXinista as they say on the commercial. In their beauty section which isn't very big you can find a variety of lacquer brands I almost flatlined... They had some OPI twin packs, Nicole OPI twin packs, Wet N Wild, L.A. Colors as well as Sally Hansen salon effects ($4). I came across this Bebe lacquer set for the low of $5.99 for 3 mini polishes, I didn't even know they made nail polishes. Needless to say, I'll be getting into bed with them & lettin you know the deets on how they lay lol. Lastly, going to pick up something at Walgreens pharmacy on Saturday, I felt eyes on me as I passed the beauty section and as a sale would have it finally I looked it in the face; I'm held in a trance of seeing a cute nail polish bag set by Wet N Wild for $Nueve.Nueve Nueve ($9.99). You can reuse the bag to hold your other nail polishes as well (that's what I'll end up doing anyway).... So if you have any of these stores in your reach, go ahead and give them a look through, you just never know.....

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