Monday, June 11, 2012

Gettin Lacquered Up

Another name I claim for myself is that i'm a "lacquer lush", yes I abuse the lacquer, I get under the infleunce and fall under a deep "coated" spell... So every time I go on a shopping spree for polishes I call it "getting lacquered up"... From time to time I will be posting the bottles I've purchased to "get lacquered up". Below I've chosen to take full advantage of my Ulta pick ups. If you're not a Ulta member you should become one if you're a LACQUER LADY such as myself. The $3.50 coupons are usually enclosed in their newsletter they send to your home every 3months or so or it may even be earlier than that. Also, their frequent emails for promos normally include a $3.50 off coupon.
Now, I have always stared at the Essence polishes but I felt like they were marketed moreso for the little lacquer girls, but I said what they hey let me give it a lay; for .29 you couldn't beat that with a bat!! I am no stranger to the Sally Hansen nail salon effects (and you will find out sooner than later). They were $4.99 each by the way, the polka & checkered ones are from the Avril Lavigne collection. The Tiger "rock & roar" design is the regualr $8.99. So when you see me write #gettinlacqueredup, you awready know what time it tis!!! Stay tuned for the showcases coming soon.

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