Sunday, February 1, 2015

KBShimmer's SPRING 2015 COLLECTION *Pic Heavy*


Hi people, I know what you're thinking... SPRING and we haven't even finished winter yet!! I know, but that this is nothing to do with the weather and EVERYTHING to do with your nails so listen up. KBShimmer has created some delicious creme polishes and sparkly holos that it's going to take you all a few to get yourselves together and prepare for these hot commodities!! I don't want to spoil it too much for you all (aside from the fact that I got them before you lol), but look at it this way; i'm holding the door for you all to come see....

Check out what KBShimmer has created for her spring collection.......

This is Eyes White Open: A white cream with two coat coverage; a staple color for any girl’s nail polish collection.

This is Blush Money: Based on the 2015 Pantone Color, Strawberry Ice, this peachy-rose colored polish shows off gold shimmer indoors and a linear holographic rainbow shines while

This is Ins and Sprouts: Like a new bud popping through the soil, this pale green citron colored polish is alive with linear holographic shine. 

This is Blue-d Lines: Pale blue in color, this cool toned polish shines with linear holographic sparkle. 

This is Thistle Be The Day: A pale pinkish purple that shines in the sun with a linear holographic rainbow. 

This is Sweet Egg-scape: A pale, bubblegumpink polish. GLitters like, pastel aqua star glitter, coral triangles, lavender dots, red squares and silver holo hexes swim among the pink base like a decorated Easter egg.

This is Funky Cold Patina: Like a long forgotten ancient copper statue turned blue green in color, this polish features a cool turquoise green base, with pops of metallic copper, blue and purple.

This is To Peach His Own: This pale peach polish shines with holographic glitters in lime green, gold, violet and magenta.

Along with the polishes, you will be able to purchase these designed with the crazy fun nail vinyls for $5 each

* Each polish retails for $8.75. These will available Feb. 6, at KBShimmer's website, Amazon and select salons & retailers. Individuals living outside of the US can purchase them at Harlow & Co site. 


You came, you saw, hopefully you've read so what do you think?

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