Friday, February 13, 2015

Poparazzi Call Me a Cab


So I decided to see what's the word on this new Poparazzi brand sold at CVS in place of Spoiled polishes and I can't say that I have been "won over" on these! It has a strong cheap smell like cheap $1 polishes and applies streaky at first and I found it takes a little long to dry even though I used my favorite fast dry top coat by Brucci. 

Even after 10 minutes waiting time it still left fingerprint imprint on the polish. Idk maybe I got a bad formula bottle? This is Call Me a Cab. The color is pretty and applied with a top coat it spruced up but I don't like the performance of this bottle I got. So who do you blame, me or the brand lol?

You can find these at your local CVS for $2.99.

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