Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Makup Show Orlando-It's going down!

Hey everyone!! I know I haven’t been really busy posting and whatnot, but rest assured that I am always thinking of what I can give you all to set your eyes on what's going on with me. So speaking of which, I got some deets on the event The Makeup Show Orlando that will be going on live and direct this weekend and your girl will be front and center as it’s all going down. I missed out late year being out of the loop on how to join in on the festivities, but this year I refused to bite the dust!

The Makeup Show Orlando is a huge showcase of all the beauties in the business BIG BUSINESS I want to add. This year the event will be on November 14-15. I will be attending the blogger preview which is tomorrow from 4:30-5:30. Be sure to keep tabs on my IG (Nailmattic) and my YouTube (yes I tube) channel (Nail mattic). I will be recording everything (and I won’t be yelling WORLD STAR).

Below is some pertinent info on the show keynotes and floor plan of the brands that will be attending. I am RE TA GO (I just hope my eyes and wallet are with me on this run lol).

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