Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Metallic

Hiya *waves*! How have yous been doing (thick Italian accent)? Has your week been dragging like mine has been, I'll be glad when I'm dragged into Friday's bed!!

Have you heard the good news? Well I'll tell you.... IT'S BEAUTY BUFFS DAY!! 

Today we celebrate all that is Metallic. On my nails is a polish I wore this polish and I feel like I should've waited for this theme (or looked at the schedule ahead of time).

This is a metallic silver polish by China Glaze from their Twinkle collection, this is the queen B of all metallic polishes I own. Now I just need it in gold too!!


  1. What a nice metallic silver that is!

  2. Hey, we used the same polish! lol It has a pretty great formula even though I hate chrome/metallics. I wonder if it stamps well.

  3. I seriously need to get that polish, it's so pretty!

  4. I completely agree! This is the best metallic polish! Looks wonderful on you too :)


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