Friday, September 26, 2014


Hi everyone, better late than never that I'm sharing with you all some pics from my NYC trip last week....

Mr. Nailmattic and I went to so many places we didn't take pics of (well I didn't) but keep in mind that I'm from NY and he's from Chicago. I spent most of the time showing him places I used to frequent when growing up. I will cherish this trip because he got to be a part of memories that I hold so near and dear to me :) I haven't been back home in 2 years so this trip was a mental refresher. 

I finally got a hold of some macaroons on my trip from this cafe called Macaron Cafe in Manhattan.... DELISH ... If you're in the NYC area or plan to visit you should look them up 

Macaron Cafe
161 W. 36th Street
New York, NY

I had the mocha then the peanut butter & jelly...

Me in front of the brownstone in Harlem that we stayed in...

You don't just ride the subway, you strike a pose too!!

The Duo you know who :)

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