Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Fall Theme

Guess what day it is!!! lol It's the Beauty Buffs Day y'all (it being hump day is just a perk lol).

Since it's right around the corner, Nory appropriately scheduled that we celebrate what we deem all that entails the fall season. When I was contemplating a design, I tried to think of something fast & easy and not overboard. What I think about when I think of fall is plaid because Mr. Nailmattic likes to wear plaid flannel shirts. So for my accent nail design I chose a nail decal by Sally Hansen called "Sweet-Tart-an". The polish on my other digits is SinfulShine's "Devious".


  1. Gorgeous red! Very cute nail design.

  2. Love that you still have a little bit of bright to your!

  3. i love that this is inspired by your hubby's favorite fall clothes. SO cute!

  4. I LOVE plaid!! I have been trying to do plaid nail art, but maybe I should just look for nail strips, looks so good!

  5. This is so cool! Love the mix of colors as well.


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