Friday, August 1, 2014

Corrupted Coral Flower Power

Hi all and Happy Friday, I am TOO THRILLED that it's Friday!! Although I have plans not to have any plans, you never know which way the wind might blow me to.

I have two polishes on my nails today. The Milani polish I'm wearing is from the new bottle shape & name found at your local CVS. This polish can seriously be a "one coater" IMHO. The formula was such a smooth apply; this color is "Corrupted Coral". 

Now for the glitter top coat effect, which is by Salon Perfect and I got it from Walmart for $3.98. I can't say that I own a lot of these polishes. I have to tell you all how much of a difficult apply this was for me, the glitter was not easily accessible for the brush. I actually had to do glitter placement for a few fingers out of frustration. I am actually not too thrilled about using the other 3 I picked up from this line, but I'll try to stay positive. This glitter polish is called "Flower Power".

I still love the glitter combo regardless. What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. What a fun glitter! It looks great over that pink.


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