Thursday, August 28, 2014

She' Nail Polish

*Product was sent in exchange for honest review*

Hi everyone, just in case you need a little reminder.... approaching the platform is Friday.... For some of us, a 3 day weekend is in order, I for sure miss looking forward to Labor Day for the West Indian parade on Eastern Parkway in NYC, waving my Jamaican flag :).

So guess who has a new brand nail product to review, yes yours sincerely!! On my nails I'd like to share with you all a brand I have seen quite a few times on Marisa's blog ( I was happy to see when I was tagged by another friend to check out the company's post on IG, that they were looking for more bloggers to review the polish. The communication went quickly and next thing I know, I got 2 polishes in the mail and here I am blogging about it!!

I received 2 polish. The orange polish first up to the mic is a crelly (creme-jelly formula) polish. I like the formula because I don't own many of this type, I call this color highlighter oranges or Halloween orange. This is 2 coats without a topcoat, I give this formula a 9 only because it isn't good for water marbling. I do a lot of water marble designs and I like to find out which ones are the best for it, this one just doesn't spread in the water.

This is Maxi Dress 

This next polish is called Her Way and I had it my way... I LOVEEEE this formula. It is a smooth cream formula that applied without any signs of streaks and this is only 2 coats without a top coat. The drying time was 5 minutes and the finish is glossy. Did you all hear me when I said I love this one already?! Also this polish is capable of water marbling, it spreads quickly in water so 10 all the way!!

Now you can't have my two, but you can get two of your own from She' Nail Polish HERE. Also, to keep tabs on their upcoming sales and collections, follow these accounts:



  1. Both are nice! That orange is bright.

  2. both polishes are beautiful... LOVE the orange more :)

  3. Maxi Dress is such a pretty, vibrant it!!👍😉


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