Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh Gosh! Maybe it's Maybelline

Hey all, I feel like I haven't posted in forever... Anyhew, here's my mani today which I feel is quite the gorgeous one. This is my first time using the Maybelline Polka Dot polishes I purchased weeks ago. This one I'm wearing is "Blue Marks the spot", I layered it over Gosh "Blue Balloon"; believe it or not I decided these two polishes together in just seconds of contemplation! 

Normally I'd sit for a while deciding on the chosen ones. I really enjoyed the Gosh formula, it's thin but not runny or streaky and you're looking at two costs. 

The Maybelline polish I am wearing I chose because on instinct I thought of blue jeans. I am wearing blue jeans at work today and I'm loving the look.

Well folks I bid you all a great day & weekend.

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  1. What a lovely color! I really need to check out these Maybelline polishes :D


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