Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forever Love

Hi ladies, today I have a mani to show from yet another Forever 21 haul (mini). This model has the "Indie" look that seems to be running in the lead by price ($2.80).

This polish is a pink semi-thick lacquer formula which makes for a jelly look as a finish. This formula consists of red hearts and fine silver glitter. Its finish is shiny void of a top coat, you're welcome to apply one; I've applied three coats of this formula.

OAN: XXI needs to stop playing an get with the program, start coming up with cool names for real for real!!


  1. These polishes are too pretty to not have names.

  2. Hey Nail Mattic, Just found your blog. Love the little hearts in this one haven't tried this polish before need to look out for it. How long have you been doing nails for?


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